Get Funded 

Lenders like that you will have verifiable rental history in the home they will finance for you.  They also like that you will have a downpayment.  Up to $200 of your rent each month will be set aside towards your downpayment.

Fix Your Credit

Renting-to-own gives you time to fix your credit while living in your own home.  We can recommend several reputable credit-repair companies for you.



Complete an application by clicking "Apply Here".  Once approved and chosen, up to $200 per month of your rent will go towards your downpayment.  You should have $5,000 as a downpayment now and the $200/month will build upon that.  If you don't have all the downpayment right now, you should have at least $3,000 and we can create a payment plan for the remainder. Remember, your downpayment is just that...your downpayment.  This money is 100% refundable and comes back to you when you obtain financing from your lender and buy your home.


Welcome to 747 S. Horton St, Airway Heights, WA

This rent-to-own duplex rents for $740/month, 2 bed 1bath, centrally located, hardwood floors, dishwasher, full size refrigerator, new furnance, new paint, new roof, water sewer and garbage paid, flowers in the garden, large fenced yard, quiet neighborhood, near elementary school and park.

So whats it take to get approved?

We’ll help you obtain a home of your own...the home you've always wanted.

Build Equity

Each month a portion of your rent goes toward your downpayment.  Also, by renting-to-own, you stop the inflation clock and set your price you will pay in future.  You buy now and pay later.

Monthly income from the other side

Because your home is a duplex, you get the income from the other side once you get financing.  This will improve your own monthly income, help you qualify for financing, and the extra money will help you make your own mortgage payment.  Your next door renter will be helping you to make your mortgage payment!